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  The Mona Lisa - Da Vinci

7 March 2011

Dear Friends

This page is dedicated to women who work for good in the North East of England. They are only a heartbeat away.  So, please, read on.  Find out how these beautiful minds and the communities they support are helping the North East's Big Society initiative to grow from the grass roots up.

I met each by pure chance and, for me, all have that certain something that leaves a lasting impression on the psyche! This is that je ne sais quoi quality, that indefinable sparkle and energy which typifies the women of  the North East of England - young and old - past and present.

The Divine Feminine?  I like to think so.  Here's a lovely poem about the Power of Compassion by poet in residence, Lorraine Nicholson.  Like the rose, it is there for all to enjoy - even savour.  And, by the way, compassion is love.


No Greater Power 

  • Somebody gave me a rose today
  • It had no thorns.
  • Somebody offered me solace today.
  • There was no malice.
  • Somebody gave me a smile today.
  • There was no judgement.
  • Somebody gave me their time today.
  • There was no grudging.
  • These people gave me the chance today
  • To write a poem about the power of compassion,
  • The greatest power we have ...

Lorraine Nicholson ©


Hextol Greenbox

(a local charitable enterprise)


Sweet Kate

'North East and proud'

It was just another all-day meeting until I encountered sweet Kate. She was in the foyer of the Durham Centre distributing leaflets.  She was also competing valiantly for attention with a table laden with good things to eat, this being lunch-time for delegates. Five minutes of conversation and I knew I had encountered a Beautiful Mind.  

Bliss - another woman on a mission.  North East and proud.

I learned that Kate works as a Trainee Packer for Hextol Greenbox, part of the Hextol Foundation. Significantly, this is an organisation which gives purposeful job experience to learning disabled adults and work experience to teenagers with disabilities by developing their skills and confidence.  

Kate has worked for Hextol for two years, since she left college.

Here's what Hextol Greenbox offer - product and promotional packing, labelling and posting, graphic design and printing - carried out to a high quality and at competitive rates.  Their jobs come in all sizes, clients including Simon Fraser Photography, Theatre Sans Frontierès, Hexham Book Festival, not forgetting the NTW NHS Foundation Trust.

"Greenbox cuts our costs, saves us days of packing and supports a good social cause all at the same time.  Fantastic! - Equals North Tyneside.

I give the last word to Hextol's CEO Chris Milner (who I also met).  Chris writes, "We appreciate how difficult the climate is at the present time and that every penny counts in businesses, large and small. We know how important it is for our trainees to have work opportunities where they are supported to succeed so they feel up positive members of their communities.  Part of that positivity comes from delivering the professional job you want and would expect."

Contact Details:

  • The Hextol Foundation, Vine Terrace, Hexham, Northumberland.  NE46
  • Web:

Thank you, Kate!

"Somebody gave me a rose today; it had no thorns."

Marian Moore

June 2013


NE Spirituality in Mental Health Forum

(Durham Spirituality Conference: 6 - 8 July 2011)


Fran B.

Anemones - Renoir 

Durham City holds a life-time of memories for me.  It was therefore predictable that, during this spirituality conference in my home-town, something or someone would strike a chord in my sub-conscious. That I might thereafter be devastated and have to be rescued was also foreseen - but, not by me!

I'm saying it with flowers!  Thank you, Fran. 

And so, without more ado, I send this tribute to Fran, a learning disabilities nurse who came to my aid in St. John's College, Durham.  Also, thanks go to my husband.  Here are a few comforting words, selected for all those who have loved and lost - wherever you may be,

"All relationships last forever.

"The nature of relationship is eternal.  It’s just the earthly form that goes through changes. If there was once love, there is always love. The part of us that gets hurt, upset, or angry, or turns its back on another person is not our true self.  Our reality is love.  Likewise, if someone leaves this world, that is not the end of the relationship.  As spiritual beings, your relationship goes on and continues to blossom.

"Only love lasts."

Reaching out to someone in distress - a perfect stranger - is Compassion IQ (in action) at its highest level.  You will be hearing more on the notion of Compassion IQ on this website soon, so watch out for that.  This was one of the many positive outcomes of the conference for me and I have since discovered Compassion IQ to be a by-product or aspect of Emotional Intelligence.  Again, many thanks to Fran for staying around.  

Information about the conference is to be found on  Suffice to say here that  over 60 delegates attended the event. This included psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, chaplains, service users and carers, from the UK and as far afield as the USA, Australia and Nigeria. 

Marian @ Krysan

North East DeNDRon

(Dementia & Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network)


Edita B.


A Governess Carriage

Quite by chance, I shared a table with Edita at the Mental Health Research Network's recent conference in Newcastle's Discovery Museum. Here was someone with a truly beautiful mind, a beautiful mind which is as strong and sharp as it ever was.  Edita is 90 years old.  

She told me that she had been a code-breaker at the famous Bletchley Park and that she had also been a test pilot.  This was during the Second World War.  The above horse-drawn carriage is a vestige of the bye-gone era which Edita experienced first-hand as a child of the 1920s. 

Here's a little of the information I gleaned about the organisation which Edita and her companion Steve were representing. First of all, DeNDRoN is part of the NHS and provides help to doctors and other healthcare professionals to carry out clinical studies in dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. 

DeNDRoN does research in all dementias, including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The organisation also supports studies in motor neurone disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, and Huntington's disease and provides assistance for research which aims to improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of these diseases.

The Clinical Director of North East DeNDRoN is Dr. Bob Barber.  Should you wish to know more about DeNDRoN's patient, carer and public involvement initiatives, you are invited to phone 0191 223 2740 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It was a pleasure to meet and share quality time with Edita and Steve,two lovely people who both had that certain twinkle in their eye (that je ne sais quoi) as they told me of their amazing journey through life.  Maybe I will see them again at some future 'special occasion'.  I certainly hope so.  There's obviously more to be explored - swapping stories is what it's all about. 

Nature's Magic

(Experience Nature's Magic through Holistic Therapies)


Debbie C.

Reaching Out

I met Debbie just the other day.  She is the owner of a small business called Nature's Magic which specialises in holistic therapies. I went along to her home near Durham City to try out a new holistic treatment related to energy balancing.  

My lasting impression of this experience is of a purple light which I merely glimpsed and of an unseen presence which I simply sensed. For words of wisdom from Dr. Deepak Chopra on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, go to SMILE (!).  

Debbie qualified in Advanced Reflexology in 2002 which she took in London and then as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2003. This gave her a thirst to study other holistic therapies and healing modalities with International Spiritual Teachers.

This includes qualifying as a Melody Certified Master of Crystology and studying in Ireland with Almine who is a Mystic, healer, teacher and facilitator of BelvasPata. During this time, she received her final initiation to Grand Master, which is Angelic Healing with the Ascension Angels, Light and Frequency.  

Debbie's knowledge of crystals and healing can also be combined with Reflexology,  Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. Depending on your symptoms, there are a variety of  therapies you can try. With Debbie's experience, she can tailor therapies to suit your individual needs. 

Significantly, Debbie established Nature's Magic a few years ago after the death of her third child Melissa. It was then that Debbie decided to qualify in the holistic therapies to help her and her family through the grieving process.

This is my message to Debbie:

Hi Debbie,


On behalf of Lorraine and myself, I write to thank you most kindly for a beautiful experience at Nature's Magic

I am heartened to find people like you working quietly in the community and see the sensitive therapy you offer as a valid alternative/addition to conventional medicine related to the mind.  

With joy rising, Lorraine and I take inspiration from these words which seem appropriate to some understanding of our recent encounter with Nature's Magic,

'Our future selves are calling us; calling us to remember the way we already know, the way we have already taken'.

Love and Light,

Marian and Lorraine


To learn more about Debbie and her work at Nature's Magic, go to





 Symbol of Earth's Renewal

Click below for

 Almine Dream Dictionary

"When we live in the moment, we live in the place of power, aligned with eternal time and the intent of the Infinite. Our will becomes blended with that of the Divine."

— Almine



(Northern Initiative for Women with Eating Distress)




Girl with the Pearl Earring - Vemeer 

It is not my intention to refer to Annemarie further, but simply do as she would wish and draw your kind attention to another vibrant organisation working for good in the community.  

Annemarie and her small team spearhead this venture from a small office in the beautifully named 'Pink Lane' in Newcastle upon Tyne. The letters NIWE stand for the Northern Initiative for Women with Eating Distress.

At one time or another most of us will experience dissatisfaction with our body shape or size. This starts to become a problem when an obsession with food begins to dominate an individual's life, or when they start to use food in a damaging way. There are a variety of types of eating distress. Each has its own symptoms and each may cause different physical problems. 

The most commonly recognised forms of eating distress or eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Some people might experience more than one of these forms of eating distress and very often they overlap. There are many people who suffer with other types of eating distress such as feeling they eat 'compulsively' or for 'comfort' or 'control'.

Go to USEFUL LINKS for more information about NIWE (Eating Distress).  Here's a quotation from their website's home page. 

“I really appreciate the work the organisation does. I feel as though I have been helped and progress made. I will sign up for future classes to continue success. Thank you.”

Pen and Tonic

(Promoting the health benefits of creative and expressive writing)


Bridget & Tess

Beautiful Woman by Renoir

Some wag once said,

"Writing is easy.  All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."

And, I'm pretty sure that many of you reading this will have felt the dread of that blank page or the empty screen.  But then, every once in a while, something strange happens.  You discover you can write brilliantly.  You write as though you have propellers attached to your fingers.  It feels fantastic. Well - that's what happened to us.  Under the expert guidance of Bridget and Tess of Pen and Tonic, our hands flew across the paper (not a computer in sight) as we tried to keep up with the words flowing freely from our brains. We became the creators we always knew we were: born wordsmiths!  

On one memorable day in Newcastle's MEA House, we - the assembled of all ages, from all walks of life - learned quite a few moves for making writing fun and this from experts in the field.  Here are some comments from other satisfied customers picked up from the Pen and Tonic website,    

"Writing for health was useful; it showed quite often what was inside me. The group was small and informal, no need to be afraid of judgements."  Member of Gateshead Tyneside Rape Crisis

"Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed the workshop despite initial reservations about ‘creative writing’. Brilliantly facilitated and provided me with really accessible ways of writing ‘creatively’ that I can take forward (hopefully) with the clients I work with."  Occupational Therapist

And so it was that I didn't have to look far to discover more beautiful minds working for good in our community.  More strength to the elbows of both Bridget and Tess as they work to promote good health through expressive and creative writing around the highways and byeways of the North East of England.


I felt confident that I would bump into Pen and Tonic again ... and, of course, I did! This was at Christmas on another 'happiness occasion' in Sunderland's Winter Gardens. It's a small world.

If you would like more information about Pen and Tonic please contact: 

Bridget Shea 

Tess Hudson

Alternatively, go To Pen & Tonic CIC on the side menu of this website.  You are but a click away from perfection!  Marian x


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